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Solving the genetic puzzle of your patients

"High quality diagnostics of genetic disorders"

Since January 2016, Dr. Helger IJntema, is the new head of the divsion Genome Diagnostics of the department of Human genetics (Radboud university medical center). She is the successor of Dr. Hans Scheffer who fulfilled this function during the past 15 years.

Helger is experienced in genetic testing of a wide variety of disorders, but has mainly focused on diagnostics and research of Intellectual Disability, Noonan syndrome and sensory disorders. She has been involved in the implementation of exome sequencing in the diagnostic setting and she is actively involved in the (national and European) ethics discussion on the risks of Next Generation Sequencing.

Contact information

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    Genome Diagnostics Nijmegen
    Department of Human Genetics
    Radboud university medical center
    Geert Grooteplein Zuid 10
    6525 GA Nijmegen
    The Netherlands